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Dude, we're getting some Dells...

We're trying to upgrade to a load balanced, fully redundant web serving platform now. What we currently have was a $3000 server about 30 months ago, so it's time to look at upgrades. I don't usually like Dell, but their prices are something else. As we're getting ready to upgrade our servers, I happened across Dell's website and checked what they had for a deal at the moment. We ended up getting a few at stupid prices - stupid meaning very low for what we're getting.

Base Model

The base model on these machines is a 1U rackmount 2.8GHz/2MB Cache Xeon with 1GB RAM, 2 x GB ethernet ports and an 80GB HDD. Nothing too impressive.

Free Upgrade

To start making it seem a little nicer, they offered a FREE second processor.


We added in 7GB more RAM, another drive (mirroring is a good thing) and a few other odds and ends including the 3 year service plan. Since it's Dell, we'll probably need that. ;-)

Price Reduction

Since it was over $2700, Dell took off $6…

Google is killing their search appliance!

Ok, so not really. But, they have an easter egg in their search appliances that is sort of funny.

If you click on the "About" link at the bottom of the main page, then click on the snowy or sandy looking image along the left side on that page, you end up with the image shown below. I believe they're celebrating it's completion and they're sending it off into the world, but who is this mystery googler in the picture?