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Been getting busy

It's been a while since I posted, so I thought it was time for an update.

Maiden Voyage is starting to get busy. This summer saw quite a few shows and several benefits with us performing. We had our first show with us providing sound, which meant I had to buy a trailer. That was going to become necessary anyway just to continue moving our light show around, so it just worked out well.

We played in Lincoln for the first time. Nothing earth shattering about playing another town about 60 miles from where we're based, but after that one show we immediately booked 2 more in Lincoln with minimal effort. Guess that first show is the most important one like they say... only one chance for that first impression.

Speaking of 2 more shows with minimal effort, that's how most of our shows are happening now. We're not even looking for shows all that hard and are starting to have booking agencies and show promoters contacting us about being a headliner for some bands they're wor…