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Tennis Trakker Pro Stats

I recently got a new app for my iPod Touch to track stats. Since it wouldn't format well on the forum I was trying to share them on, I've listed them here.

Match Statistics by Tennis Trakker ProEvent:Fun MatchDate recorded:2009 04 18 @ 14:02Play time:2 hours - 14 min.Brianvs.Dana6Set 175Set 27Set 3Set 4Set 5General Play172Points played17248% (82/172)Points won(90/172) 52%52% (90/172)Points lost(82/172) 48%(4/12)Break conversion(5/8)(3/8)Break saved(8/12)Serves48% (42/87)1st serves in(50/84) 60%69% (29/42)1st serves won(31/50) 62%78% (35/45)2nd serves in(26/34) 76%54% (19/35)2nd serves won(20/26) 77%3Aces 1st serve03Aces 2nd serve00Foot faults010Double faults8Ground game - Winners20% (11/54)