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My big tall Christmas wishes

So Robert Garcia is having a little contest that looks like fun with some pretty simple rules and some great prizes.

My first wish: Leadership with a clue.
This wish shall be granted come January. At minimum, it'll be more of a clue than what we've had for the past 8 years.

Second wish: More time to develop a couple sites.
I have some sites in mind that would really help out the Church in general with some social aspects and ways to drive people back to the church. I think a lot of our problems in society come from the weakening of the church in many people's lives, and I'm really feeling a calling to build something on that side of things.

Third wish: Stable economy.
Much of what has been going on has been due to poor choices by a lot of people, but it feels like it's mostly up top. See first wish. ;)

Fourth wish: Better retirement for everyone.
Too many retired people have to get jobs these days, and that makes me sad. Retirement should be a time to enjoy grandchildren, …