My big tall Christmas wishes

So Robert Garcia is having a little contest that looks like fun with some pretty simple rules and some great prizes.

My first wish: Leadership with a clue.
This wish shall be granted come January. At minimum, it'll be more of a clue than what we've had for the past 8 years.

Second wish: More time to develop a couple sites.
I have some sites in mind that would really help out the Church in general with some social aspects and ways to drive people back to the church. I think a lot of our problems in society come from the weakening of the church in many people's lives, and I'm really feeling a calling to build something on that side of things.

Third wish: Stable economy.
Much of what has been going on has been due to poor choices by a lot of people, but it feels like it's mostly up top. See first wish. ;)

Fourth wish: Better retirement for everyone.
Too many retired people have to get jobs these days, and that makes me sad. Retirement should be a time to enjoy grandchildren, see those places you've always wanted to go and just generally enjoy what's left of life, not start a new job or even a new career. Oh, and see first wish. ;)

Fifth wish: Easy green alternatives.
It's possible to go green in many things now, but it's a lot of work to find those alternatives. It should be easy to do something good, not take a ton of extra effort. It shouldn't be so hard to get from place to place without a huge carbon footprint. Enough said about the green, other than see first wish.

So, as part of the contest, I get to tag someone now. I'll tag my dad's Honest Bargain Blog, mostly because he's in need of links, but also because his wishes could prove quite interesting.

Don't wait for an invite, though. Join in today.


videoconference said…
wow, your wishes is for better...i hope all of them will come true..

- ledz -

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