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Changing the name of the blog

Since my blog has evolved from really being about online business and I want to write more about the insides of the eCommerce industry, I'm changing the blog's title. Not a big deal, but the blog is about me and what I see inside the world of eCommerce, so the new title seems to fit.

Oh, and I'm going to formally announce here that I'm working on putting together a weekly eCommerce show on WMR. I'm not leaving SEO 101, but rather adding to it. I think I have a guest host already lined up, but that's an announcement for another day.

Empty Space

Since we moved to a new data center from our old one, people have asked how much empty space we have. I mentioned we got more, but I never really said how much. The picture to the right should show you (sort of) how much space we got. I had to take 3 pictures and stitch them together (and I didn't spend much time doing it) since my phone couldn't get it all at once. Yes, we've finally got some room for expansion. I like expansion... that means more money I get to spend!!!
Oh, and we still have 1 Google Mini, 1 Database server and 1 web server to move over. It's getting closer to a fully functional death star... er... web star... er... something.

My wife in the paper!

Congrats to my wife for making the paper - and for something positive. I wouldn't be mentioning if she made the police report. :)
That's a great game. Well done! I'm still waiting for that 300, though.
(P.S. That's not her picture... just her name circled below.)