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Moving servers made simpler

How many times have you moved a website from one server to another and found that something doesn't work? If you're like me, the answer is more than once. At some point, those errors can become costly. Misbehaving applications can cost serious amounts of $$$ when your business relies on them, but testing every page in every way possible isn't necessarily possible, either. Error logs can help, but dont always tell what the user did. As we're moving this time, I installed a Coradiant TrueSight. This 1U server monitors and logs all inbound and outbound communications, giving real time reporting and monitoring of all pages. It may be pricey, but not having it could be even more costly. I'm glad we had the available funds and management that could see the value.

SES San Jose - Hear Me Speak

Next month, you can hear / see me at SES. I am once again speaking on the Shopping Search Tactics session and will be lurking in the corners at all the events surrounding SES. Hope to see you there.

The Dark Knight - OMG!

I can't remember the last time I went to a movie that was so good I wanted to stay and watch it again, but The Dark Knight fits that very well. There were 3 to 4 places they could have ended the movie and still have had one of the best movies of the summer, but they went beyond that in my mind and created one of the best movies ever. I could go see it a few more times, seriously.

Data center move

So far, I've managed to move 1 load balancer, 1 database server, 1 Google Mini, 3 switches, 1 session monitor, 1 mail server and 2 web servers. Of those, only the load balancer, the mini and 1 web server were in production at the facility we're moving out of. I guess that means it's a good thing I got the full 8' of space and that the 13U had no chance of cutting it. Still to move: 2 Google Minis, 2 switches, 3 web servers, a memcached box, 1 database server, 1 load balancer, and our T-1. Then, our current mail server can become a development/staging server. Such fun moving can be,

Top Affiliate Challenge launched

The show launched, and boy did our ISP underestimate the bandwidth we'd be using. Not only was that a fail, but it took me about 12 hours to get plan B, C, and finally hit a homerun with plan D. We're finally there, even though it seems like it should have been done ages ago.

In any case, check out Top Affiliate Challenge every day to keep up with what's happening, and Go Team ToolBarn!