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Twitter, get some resources

A couple of weeks after I read about Facebook getting $$$ to buy 50,000 more servers, I found it amusing to see this image on Twitter:

Come on already, Twitter. Everyone can see your resources aren't sufficient. Get with the program and buy some servers already.

Top Affiliate Challenge

I'm starting to get interested in what Thor has going on at now. There are a few good auditions going on, and I just signed up to be a team sponsor. Watch for Team to win it all this July. I think we'll have another exciting announcement next week as well. Stay tuned for more info.

I can has...

Many of you are probably familiar with I Can Has Cheezburger. If you're not, it's a site where pictures of animals (normally cats) are portrayed with funny / catchy slogans with simple misspellings that make it even better. That's often referred to as lolspeak.

Today, Michael (sitting across the square room from me) came across one of their tools for making your own and put together this image:

Very nice. Now, we just need to get a blog set up for to start putting those on.