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Shinedown - Sound of Madness (Drum Cover)

This time, Alex tackled Shinedown. While much of the song isn't super difficult (at least for Alex), it really impresses me how easy he makes those fills look.

3 Days Grace - Misery Loves Company (Drum Cover)

After a couple of simple songs (for him, anyway), Alex decided to try some 3 Days Grace. This video shows off how calm and collected he can be in playing something a little more technical. That ending throws me every time on guitar, so I figure it can't be that easy on drums either.

Sidewise - Come With Me (Drum Cover)

I'm back with another Alex drum cover video. This time, he's covering Come With Me by Sidewise. This intro was interesting to try to time, but it worked out well and it shows off some of his chops pretty nicely.

Atreyu - Becoming The Bull (Drum Cover)

Alex asked me to put together a few videos of him playing drums. Here's the first one we tried. Two iPhones, my triggered drum kit, and his cymbals made for a good sound in my basement and overall made for a decent quality video. We'll have to work on getting it better at some point, but I'm not displeased with the results so far.