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WebmasterRadio.FM show

I've been rather busy lately. We hired some new programmers at work, which have both been working out great. We're all excited at work, because I'm finally going to have some time to look at strategy again instead of being caught up in details.

I've also been busy with the podcasts. They were going well enough that we now have 2 podcasted shows each week on WebmasterRadio.FM (Monday and Wednesday at noon central), followed by a live show on Thursdays. Of course, this means I want to get the process down so it sounds as professional as possible, but it's really tough when trying to get that many done along with having a full time job and two young boys that want to be a part of my life.

Top that off with a PC that crashed and it's tough doing much else, so my blogs have suffered. I'm not gone, this blog isn't dead, I'm just busy right now. I'm hoping that all settles down someday, but it probably won't.