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Tennis Trakker Pro Stats

I recently got a new app for my iPod Touch to track stats. Since it wouldn't format well on the forum I was trying to share them on, I've listed them here.

Match Statistics by Tennis Trakker ProEvent:Fun MatchDate recorded:2009 04 18 @ 14:02Play time:2 hours - 14 min.Brianvs.Dana6Set 175Set 27Set 3Set 4Set 5General Play172Points played17248% (82/172)Points won(90/172) 52%52% (90/172)Points lost(82/172) 48%(4/12)Break conversion(5/8)(3/8)Break saved(8/12)Serves48% (42/87)1st serves in(50/84) 60%69% (29/42)1st serves won(31/50) 62%78% (35/45)2nd serves in(26/34) 76%54% (19/35)2nd serves won(20/26) 77%3Aces 1st serve03Aces 2nd serve00Foot faults010Double faults8Ground game - Winners20% (11/54)

Matt Cutts makes Chrome sad :(

I tried playing Matt's latest video, and it turns out he only makes Chrome sad by doing so...

Anyway, it's really cool that chrome can kill flash within a tab without killing the tab, but I find that it has to do that quite often with YouTube content. Just one more reason I don't need to use YouTube. Maybe I should restart my browser more than every other week... nah!

Survey with odd number arrangement

I got a survey from Sun about our not renewing MySQL support. That's fine, I can answer those types of questions, but please - don't make me think about it.

That just takes too much time to figure out what number I want to choose. Hopefully the database on the other end understands the confused responses.

My son is a know-it-all

According to his report card, my son is a know-it-all.

I just love the wording for the checkbox at the bottom... "knows all"... CHECK

First Episode of Ecom Phenom Created

The first episode of Ecom Phenom has been created. We gave some general information on who we are, what the show is about, and what topics will be coming up.

We also set our schedule... 10pm Central on Sundays. You should be able to tune in live and even call in if you have questions. The live chat was pretty cool as well.

Overall, BlogTalkRadio was really awesome and made it easier than what I had been doing for shows recorded at night. I'm pretty happy so far.