Milwaukee V28 Power Tools

The V28 power tools have finally shown up. Milwaukee's Lithium-Ion technology is putting everyone else to shame right now. This stuff is so cutting edge that the Ni-Cad stuff that most tool manufacturers still use should be blown out. But, since so many people already have those batteries, it won't be.

At our tent event last weekend, the V28 recip saw was used to accomplish this:

It took 1:45 to cut the car in half sideways, and it was a hoot. It was the first time we know of that the Hackman (Lenox blades car cutting people) was going to use a cordless. Due to some sort of conflict, nobody from team Hackman made it, so it was our local rep who took it upon himself to cut the car.

At first attempt, the saw bound. This of course got a good reaction from the other manufacturers as they gave our Milwaukee rep a hard time about "Look at that 28 volt piece of junk" and "Battery dead already?" But it did a great job once it got going, and it was more a case of nerves by the one doing the cutting than anything wrong with the saw.

The saw looks ordinary enough:

But inside it is quite different. According to Milwaukee, the real hold-up is getting the batteries, but for some odd reason, they sent us our first shipment of V28 batteries. That really seemed funny, but I suppose those that do buy the tools are going to want extra batteries too.

In any event, if you want a great cordless tool, I'm going to have to recommend the V28 line from Milwaukee. The ones we have available at this moment can be found at (they're only listed as clearance because of the limited availability... clearance makes them come back off the site as soon as they're gone.) If I didn't already have a big cordless kit, I'd be buying V28. As it is, I guess I'll just have to wait until these die. :-(



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