Google points to as good example

Today I received a voicemail from a gentleman asking about customizing the Google mini search appliance's results. He explained that he had asked about adding product images and an "Add to cart" button to the results that the mini kicks out and he was told to check out

Well, thanks for the compliment, Google. I'll take that as an indirect Kudos, and you can deposit +3 to our green Kudo meter in your toolbar whenever you'd like. I'll be expecting it by the end of the month, but really... no hurry. ;-)


W. R. Mineo said…
Big time kudos to you and toolbar, Brian! Let me know if you get your +3 payment ;)
Brian Mark said…
Darn... we only got a +2 from a 5 to a 7. I'll live with it, though. ;)

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