2 SES Sessions

Coming up in San Jose, I'll be speaking at 2 sessions at the annual Search Engine Strategies event. Yes, only 2 this time. It's sort of like a vacation compared to the past few times. Both of the sessions I'll be doing will be on Wednesday, August 9th.

Shopping Search Tactics

This was the original panel I started on in Feb of 2005. We're going to be making some big changes to the content, and we're even dropping one speaker entirely. (Ok, so she refused to work with us any more... or maybe it was just getting to be too far out of what she's involved with now... you make the call). We've been working on making the presentations more of one coherent thought among 3 speakers, so it should be a much more fluid panel than it's been the past few times. In any case, it's my 5th time on this panel and it's always fun... not to mention it makes me look at our stats again and see what changes have come out recently.

Retailer SEM Tactics - 1:30 pm

This one was fun in New York and got a few webmaster's attention. I still get questions on the image manipulation that I'm doing on hotlinked images, which I may blog about here shortly. We're making a few changes to the session, but overall it should be pretty similar to New York.

Who's going?

Are you going to be there? Leave me a comment (I won't publish it if you put contact details in it) and we'll see about meeting at the conference.


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