Finally replicated...

Since we got our new database servers up and running, it had been about a month. I had both of the servers in sync, but because it was an emergency type of a changeover I skipped setting up replication at that time. Earlier this past week, I went ahead and started setting that up again. It didn't seem like a big of a deal at the time, but it ended up taking 2 and a half days to get the second server caught up. I guess that means we run a few queries each day, although only one slave SQL thread can run at a time which limits the amount of CPU that can be used by either of these severs for replication to about 25%. Since we have dual dual-core machines, it only uses one of the 4 available threads, making 25% the maximum. That was sort of disappointing from a performance point of view, but understandable to keep things perfectly aligned between the machines.

Once it was caught up, I went ahead and set up replication the other direction as well. We now have 2 servers which can handle any queries and the other will get the same data as well. All I can say is that it's about time. We've needed this for a while now.

This coming week, I'll be moving another switch over and putting the db servers behind the load balancers finally. That'll allow for a fail-safe, not to mention allowing me to reboot the database servers individually without shutting things down or having a short outage. This should also help me get some peaceful sleep since I finally won't have to worry about what happens if a server goes down.

Overall, I think our infrastructure is heading in the right direction to handle a lot more traffic, and it seems that each improvement on the server side seems to increase the output on the sales side. It also gives me options if I want to set up something unconventional, such as the W3C HTML validator that I have running on one machine now. But the biggest thing is that there is very little that happens on a typical day now that affects the performance for our users. That's what our investment has been about.


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