Google Product Search results still in index.

Checking to see if some new products we added to the site were indexed yet, I came across another "oversight" on Google. A while back, it was reported that Google hadn't excluded after the switch from froogle to Google Product Search, but today I found results which have been updated and are excluded by robots.txt but still in their index.

As you can see in the image below,, which mirrors the GPS results, still shows in the SERPs, meaning those of us listed in Google Product Search are getting credit for some links from, but also that they have Search Results showing in Search Results again, which is something they told us they don't want anyone else to do.

Not only are there a few URL's listed, there are 219,000 URL's listed. Also, it appears to be updated recently since new products we've added in the past several days are showing up. Yet, when I check the robots.txt file, /products? is disallowed. What's the deal, is it allowed or is it excluded? Does robots.txt work any more, or are they cloaking their robots.txt so they don't have to follow it?

Google seems to still be making rules that only apply to other people, because Google still breaks their own policy. WTF?


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