Tried to start a fire

I got a Greenway water cooler for my office and tried hooking it up today. After plugging it in and marveling at the blue light under the tap, I turned the switch on the back to the "On" position.

Granted, this was a remanufactured tri-temp dispenser, but as soon as the switch was turned on there was a big spark out the back of the unit and the lights went out.

Last I checked, this was not a good sign.

Luckily, the unit was sitting on top of my mini-fridge and not on the floor or next to the wall. Had it been closer to either, I think we could have had a fire here.

Here's to hoping that Greenway can get this issue resolved quickly.


Janet said…
I also had a similar experience, except that my Greenway cooler actually did catch on fire. Two youths got minor injuries as well we had smoke damage to the house. I am seeking out anyone having a similar experience as I feel that this SHOULD NOT have occured and I do not want this brushed under the table by a company.

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