Shoemoney Tools

I've been using Shoemoney Tools for a while now, and I've got to say, it's a great program. Not cheap, but still very nice for someone doing SEO or affiliate marketing.

His keyword tools generates a decent list, although it doesn't have search volume. But, as I've said on SEO 101 before, I don't care about volume - I want to rank for everything. ;)

One of his coolest tools is a "Domain Marketplace". This is for domains that aren't currently registered that have .edu, .mil or .gov links. That's a great way to kick off a new project. I've seen some interesting looking domains, but only bit on one so far. I hope to buy more soon. I suggested they add a search function, and Dillsmack added that, which makes it very useful. It'll allow you to search for a word and it finds it in the domains that are available, so you can find something that's at least somewhat related to what you're doing.

The keyword tracker is ok, but not amazing. I'll still use some of the other tools for tracking performance.

The keyword density tools sounds pretty normal at first (the AJAX makes it more fun), but it has some nice things that I haven't seen elsewhere, like showing the results in a chart below your results for your competition, along with title usage, meta usage, and H1 - H3 usage of the keyword. That's actually some pretty cool stuff for watching competitors.

Just that's enough for me, but the link tools and PPC tools make this even more of a must have. I wasn't sure what I'd think of SEO tools from someone saying SEO has no future and he's not an SEO, but Jeremy and Dave actually put something nice together. I hope to see more tools from them in the future because, as Jeremy's shirt says, SEO sucks - especially if you don't have decent tools.


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