Servers again

Since people seem to enjoy seeing our hardware (server pron), I thought I'd show our current setup again. I'll start at the bottom of our rack.

This is a pic with a few things. First, it's got the white system, which is our memcache box. Just your basic setup (dual dual-core opterons, mirrored 250gig SATA drives, and 32gigs of RAM) for temporary storage of blocks of output. Above it is our Breach WebDefend appliance. I'm not sure the specs (dual quads and 4 gigs of RAM I think), but since it's sold as an appliance it doesn't really matter. Last in this pic are 3 APC power management boxes. Since quite a few of our devices only have one power supply, this allows us to plug them all in to both power sources in case of an outage.

Continuing on up the line, we have one of our oldest servers. We call it www1, although being a www server isn't something it does any more. It basically runs cron jobs on its dual xeon processors with 8gigs of RAM and mirrored 80gig SATA drives. The next machines are a pair of IBM boxes that used to be our database servers with dual dual-core opterons and 8 gigs of RAM with mirrored 73gig SCSI drives, but they've moved to being backup (one to be used as a second DB master and one as only a slave for doing backups.) You can also see our two load balancers, which will probably end up being retired this year in favor of newer models.

Here, you can see our Coradiant TrueSight. Again, it's sold as an appliance so I'm not real sure what the hardware is, but it sits on the network and watches traffic for anomalies in performance and user experience. Also pictured are our SMTP server and our admin server for the backend of our websites. Everything gets done there, then replicated across to the servers shown in the next picture.

These final 3 servers are the workhorses of our sites. Each one has dual six-core opterons with 32gigs of ram and 8 146gig SAS drives. The first two are used as web servers and are configured with Raid 6, the third one is our primary database server and is configured as Raid 10.

As you can see, there are some holes in our setup now. Literally, we've pulled machines out that sat between where things are now creating holes. Not a big deal, though. We'll get around to filling them sooner or later.

For those that have been asking to see the new machines, I hope you're happy. I'll be doing some reviewing of load balancers this year, so I'll share some of my thoughts on what I come across as I evaluate them. There are some neat looking devices and apps out there that I've seen already.


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