Carousel problems

Ok, so the carousel that is showing so much promise started acting up without me knowing about it. Two of the four carousels decided to move as slow as they can and still be classified as moving. I guess that's how they go on strike. It's also really tough to get any real support without paying quite a bit for a tech to come out and work on it. Every time that the tech comes out, it seems like we end up paying for a lot of time for him to read the manual and very little time actually working on the carousel. If there were other options, I'm sure we'd be looking at them. However, we're sort of stuck since there aren't a lot of people who have ever even seen a carousel like this, let alone knowing how to fix one.

I've been reading the manual on it, and the manual is about as useful as salt water to a fresh water fish. It starts with how the bolts and nuts work, then has a somewhat useful section on programming it to work with the hand controller, then goes on to troubleshooting for things like "Unit doesn't power on" (check transformers, ensure it is 230v single phase power, check circuit breakers... gee, I wouldn't have ever thought to check any of that) to error code (enter programming and make sure it is correct... insightful.)

So there are a few useful pieces, but the overall is pretty bad. Reminds me of a car manual. You know the type, "Put car in reverse, then hit the gas to go backwards." Why are manuals so bad? I suppose they expect us to just toss them aside anyway, but surely the first manual ever written they expected would be used. I'm sure it was a letdown, and nobody has ever read the directions since. Someday, they'll hire someone that can speak the language they're writing in fluently. Until then, the manual is just a waste of paper.

Well, at some point I'm sure we'll get this thing fixed again. Until then, we'll just wait 1/2 hour for the carousel to find "Home" and go from there.


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