Barcodes are everywhere.

Barcodes are everywhere. Seems like I can't turn anything over without a barcode showing up. I wonder why nobody has barcodes on the back of their business cards yet that work for their email address and website URL. Seems like an open market for some enterprising person, but not me -- today.

Trying to figure out what barcode to use can be a real pain. Is this a UPC-A, EAN13, Code 39, or some other form of barcode? Barcode scanners are pretty amazing that they work as well as they do when you stop to think about it. They can identify what type of barcode this is, decode it, and be ready for the next one while I'm still in a trance from the red light. Pretty colors.

Well, we had to create some mock-ups today for a few barcodes to be printed on our invoices / shipping tickets. This caused me to come up with a simple utility to enter your text and get your barcode. I've been having fun with names, URL's, and phrases.

The base URL (if you'd like to play yourself) is From there, you can select from most of the common types of barcodes to generate. Sort of a fun thing to play with, but also a real waste of time in many cases.

This has basically come to pass because we're using product UPC barcodes on the product pages of our website for people who print the pages and bring them in. What better way to quickly pull up information about the product they're interested in? I love it when technology can actually have a decent use, but just creating toys is good enough in most cases.

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