My basic DAW

Since I've been doing some recording, I thought it was time to show off my DAW setup.

I have a Dell laptop as the heart of the system. It's got a hybrid drive (part solid state, part "traditional" magnetic drive) that seems to keep up quite well with most of what I do. For software, I typically use Reaper. I also have a Behringer headphone amp between the laptop and the mouse for when I have someone over that's doing their part since it works as a nice headphone splitter with individual volume controls.

But the laptop itself doesn't really do all that much when it comes to recording. I have a Presonus Studio Channel in the top rack slot, an Alesis SampleRack for triggered drums, a Tascam US16x08 audio board for 16 channels in at a time, a Behringer UltraVoice vocal pre-amp, a Nady 8 channel mic pre, a power conditioner and my Line 6 Pod Pro.

Most of the time, all I really need is my Tascam to get the recordings sounding pretty good. Couple that with a fantom powered condenser microphone and I can record guitar, bass or vocals pretty easily. Drums require a few more microphones, but again - it works out pretty good in a hurry.

I'll delve more into my microphone selection shortly. For now, the DAW and some of the outboard gear is all I'm highlighting.


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