Gear Friday: Gear when its not in use

When you get a ton of gear, keeping it stored can present its own challenge. I have my entire basement dedicated to equipment, other than the laundry room (which has a few odds and ends in it yet) and my workshop (which holds unfinished instruments.)

This is where I have my amps, cabinets and instruments that I'm currently playing. I've been playing a lot of bass lately, but it's about to be rotated back to guitar.

This view allows you to see all the wall hanging guitars along that side of the basement.

The triggered drums, some odds and ends cymbal wise, connectors and misc hardware on the shelves, and a couple of acoustic guitars. I might also point out the contractor lighting for when I do videos. Good light is always important for that.

This furniture currently holds all of the wireless microphones I need to check out. I think there were 8 complete units for me to look at, but I don't really remember.

They're mostly these rackmount lav units, but with replaceable microphone pieces so I can convert them to headset easily enough.

An extra boom, monitors, a keyboard, an extra mixer behind that, and some rack case ends.

Here is my odds-n-ends corner. I have my floorboard, some Peavy 1012HS speakers, a couple of small speakers I can use as more monitors, another floorboard (for simple setups), a suitcase full of microphone cables, and my big rack holding all of the amps and components I don't currently use. That would include a powered mixer, an old USA series QSC amp, a Crown amp, a Crate amp, and a 1/4" in/out DBX crossover. I also have a 4x10 cabinet and a Hartke head hiding back there. That corner may be packed full.


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