Gear Friday: Ibanez BioArmor

Sometimes, I walk in to a guitar shop and just know something was on the rack for me. This happened one day after a great trip to the casino. As a guitaraholic, cash and guitar shops go together way too well, so when I spotted an Ibanez BioArmor hanging there brand new and with a reasonable pricetag (it was special order and the guy never picked it up or paid for it), I knew I needed it. It played sweet, and the owner of the shop threw on brand new Super Slinks, gave it a quick setup and sent me out the door with a free gig bag thrown in. Of course, on stage all black will never do, so I grabbed my white stencil ink for tennis racquets to give a first layer through the grooves, then used a setting saver for a second layer and more of a color to show up under the lights. End result is below.

For a nice looking guitar, it also plays quite well. I've used it at several shows and would put it right up against my Prestige for feeling, with the Prestige edging it out slightly due to the wider neck. Still, for standard spacing, this one plays great. I really love the thin necks, and this is one of the thinnest I've experienced. But it truly is the finish that got me to try it out in the first place, and it really catches the lights nicely on stage.

If you spot one of these, don't hesitate to grab it and try it out. They're solid.


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