Build Monday: El Capitan turns blue

After some white primer, El Capitan was ready for some painting.

El Capitan got a blue makeover, as did my portable work bench and my Craftsman screwdriver. I needed some way to hold it without touching any area of the guitar that is supposed to be painted. That's where the screwdriver came in.

After walking around it a few times, the blue was pretty evenly applied.

A nice shine can already be seen along that top edge.

That long edge makes for a lot of blue.

A close-up view shows that the grain still shows through since this is a translucent blue.

Again, the shine is already showing.

The pick guard, sitting about where it'll be located, just for contrast.

Closer view of the bridge and pickup area.

Next up will be giving this guitar its signature, and then on to clear coat.


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