Inventory Management Systems

So we've decided to start looking at new inventory management systems. We're going to take a look at the advantages / disadvantages of custom as well as the good and bad of many existing software. We haven't decided if we're moving to something new or not, but it seems like if we're not seeing what's out there we could be missing some great opportunities.

Anyone with suggestions of software to look at, let me know. Comments are fine... just try to provide a URL so we can take a look at it. We're well beyond something like Quickbooks, and we realize that this probably isn't going to be cheap. But if we don't look, we won't know what we are or are not missing.


Anonymous said…
whats wrong with Eclipse?
Brian Mark said…
Other than needing to move to incredibly expensive AIX servers and not really being able to get to our data via programmatic fashion, it's served us pretty well. But with the cost of AIX and the ongoing support costs, it seems like we should look at all of the options before sticking more cash in what we're currently using.

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