When nothing goes right...

I tried to take a test tonight. To begin with, the testing platform of choice was Microsoft Word. The background came in a "beautiful" aqua color. You know, this really bad color.

Secondly, I had forgotten all of my books at work. That left me feeling a little "disoriented". It's amazing what not having your usual reference materials does.

Third, the PC I was using was having some issues. The mouse batteries died halfway though, so I was using a lot of alt+tab, ctrl+tab, and for a new search, I found it simplest just to open a new tab in FireFox.

Add in telephone calls, a couple of IM interruptions, and children - well, it just wasn't a good night for a test.

Oh, and I didn't get much sleep last night after playing tennis late and then having to get up early for meetings most of the day.

I must be ready for a vacation... now that I feel like my brain cells have blown away like seeds of a dandelion.


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