Skype - are you broken?

We've been doing SEO 101 on for a while now, and we've been using Skype to do it. Today, as we get ready for one of our biggest guest names to date, Skype refuses to connect. I can't even pull their site up in a reasonable time.

So what gives, Skype? I mean, quality had been slowly dropping over the past few weeks, but this is ridiculous. I connect for a bit, it drops, says connecting, connects for a few seconds, drops the connection and the loop begins again.

So, as I type this, I've actually dialed out to NeO. However, it keeps going through that loop. What's up with that? This isn't going to work very well.

Update: I did locate something here about it. Nice... 12 - 24 hours? That's a bit longer than I can wait for this particular call.


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