Another server upgrade

Getting ready for the holiday season means beefing up our infrastructure around here. So, I got to order a new box for Memcached. It was even a simple server, just two dual-core processors with dual 250 gig drives from Sun running Enterprise Linux.

What's fun about it, though, is that it has 32 gigs of RAM from the start (once I drop the chips into the box, anyway) and is upgradeable to 64 gigs. Now that's fun. I figure that going from the 4 gigs on one server we were running last week to 4 gigs on 3 servers we were running this week to 2 gigs on 3 servers plus 30 gigs on a dedicated box we'll be running in a couple weeks means we're going to be set for some serious growth. Now it's time to plan for a happy holiday season. At least our website shouldn't go black come black Monday.


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