SEO and Nascar - Both about balance

I was listening to a Nascar podcast on my way in to work today and realized something. They always talk about the balance of a racecar to get optimal performance, and SEO is no difference.

If a racecar is too tight, it won't turn. If your SEO is too tight, you won't be able to change directions quickly either.

If a racecar is too loose, the back end comes out. If your SEO is too loose, you get a lot of tail action but don't lock in on the main terms.

If you get the best balance, your site takes first place and your racecar goes to the lead.

Funny how much of life is about balance, and it's funny I hadn't noticed the similarities before. Oh, and both require lots of attention to the details and fine tuning once you get to the track... er... web.


StatMan said…
Cool analogy. I'm sure more than one business has experienced their SEO spinning out and hitting the wall, (or you know what hitting the fan). Then it is time for a pit stop to fix things up again, however those pit stops undoubtedly take more than 13 seconds like they do in Nascar. And the crew chief (CTO) probably still pulls his hair out (if there is any left). Fortunately, in SEO all can be winners unlike Nascar where one wins and the others all feel like losers.

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