A drawback of LinkConnector?

Those who know me through ToolBarn know that I use LinkConnector for our affiliate program management. They offer "Naked Link' technology, which essentially shows an image on the affiliate site and runs some JavaScript on the merchant side to track referrals.

As I have started looking at affiliate marketing closer, it struck me that only approved sites can pass a referral for an affiliate. This means any RSS feeds don't count, making LinkConnector a questionable program for bloggers.

I know, I'm on the merchant side so I shouldn't be so concerned about getting a few "free" sales, but as a blogger I see this as a potentially crippling weakness.

Now, they do offer traditional link tracking campaigns as well, but that eliminates most of the reason for using LC in the first place.

Just something for bloggers to keep in mind... A JS redirection page would probably be a good idea so the referrer gets properly set.


Chris said…
I actually run a tool review site. I am still in the process of getting its name out there. I would love to link each tool to toolbarn, via product serial number, but linkconnector does not offer this option. So I am stuck with just a banner. Amazon makes it easy, and I can use their asin. I would love it if you ran your own affiliate that allowed simple links with an affiliate id. BTW I do buy from toolbarn a lot, and tell my co workers about it. You run a good site with lots of hard to find tools.
Brian Mark said…
Actually, we have a product feed set up through LinkConnector. This gives a unique tracking code to each affiliate and a link to the specific product.

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