Have a ball and some rejected marketing slogans.

I'm going to SES in NY next week, so I'll be heading out on Sunday. Anyone that sees me there, mention this post and I've got toys for the first 100 that ask. Stress Balls with a catchy slogan on them.
Don't stress, we have the tools to fix it.
This reminds me of some other (rejected) marketing slogans we've tossed around here. Ok, so they haven't all been tossed around while printed on a stress ball, but you get the idea. Most of these were mentioned as a joke at one point or another, but then got some thought before being rejected.
If you want "Tickle me Elmo", you know where to go.
If you're serious about Power Tools, come to the barn.
There are three things that were rejected about this one. First, the search traffic could have been wrong. Second, we're referencing that giant among e-commerce giants, which probably wouldn't have been the brightest move. Finally, we didn't even have our full site name in there.
Tired of wading through the Jungle?
Get serious about power tools at ToolBarn.com.
This is obviously aimed at the same people as the last one, which is also why it was rejected.
You borrowed it, you broke it, now what?
Tool Parts Direct.com
This one hasn't actually been rejected, but the general feeling is that this type of campaign is going to cost too much for brand recognition without any direct sales benefit. When we're a bit bigger, we may revisit this one.
Don't let your tools die at the hospital.
Fast service at Tool Parts Direct.com.
This is one that didn't ever catch on because it's targeting a chain of service shops known for being slow in fixing tools. Of course, ordering online isn't the fastest way to do things either. Comparing apples to oranges wasn't going to hit our target market.

In the end, we have done very little to advertise this site through conventional media. Most of our efforts have been in the online side of things, but we're starting to look at expanding into print, radio, racing and TV. It'll be interesting to see what works and what doesn't. It'll also be interesting to see how much this costs. It could be painful to the pocket book.


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