I'm presenting at 3 sessions in NYC

I'll be speaking at 3 sessions in the upcoming SES show. I spoke for the first time 1 year ago in NYC at the Shopping Search Tactics session. In San Jose later that year, I repeated at the Shopping Search Tactics and also did the Vertical Creep session. In Chicago, it was the 3rd round of Shopping Search along with a Search Ad Buyer's Forum.

Coming up this time in New York? Well, I'll be busier, and I'll miss a few that looked fun.

1) Shopping Search Tactics (4th time)

2) Search Ad Buyer's Forum (2nd time)

3) Retailer SEM Tactics (New session)

So, what will I be missing?

The Search Ad Buyer's Forum is up against a few good ones. Eric Ward is someone I always enjoy hearing in the Link Building Basics. Since I've seen that one already several times, I'm not going to worry about missing that.
Practical Copyright & Trademark Guidance for Webmasters and SEMs
Your competitor is bidding on your trademarked name. Some splogger is profiting off of your copyrighted work via RSS ("really simple stealing"). And now image search has enabled the proverbial "kid in his basement" to rip off your high-end web designs. What's a law abiding netizen to do? Come find out from our panel of experts in this highly interactive session.
Well, that sounds like it could have been fun. I don't remember seeing that session before.We have this issue come up every now and then, so it would have been nice to hear someone else's opinion of how to handle it.
Blog & Feed Search SEO
This session explores how specialized blog and feed (RSS/Atom) search engines gather content and provides tips on tapping into these growing forms of traffic.
Well, I don't know what these blogs are or how you attract people with them. Oh, wiat, I seem to have someone reading it right now (you), and my "Other" blog sees quite a few visitors each day. Still, I'm sure there's more I could be doing.

There is also a session on Duplicate Content, but I've heard that addressed several times already. E. Garcia had some interesting comments on that some time back that really seemed to help out our product pages.

The Retailer SEM Tactics session has Linkbuilding Strategies up against it. I guess I'll be missing Boser and Ward in that one. Those two always make that session for me. Of course, that means I've seen it already. Ad Agencies and Search doesn't exactly interest me either. Big Site / Big Brand SEM is decent, but I've seen that as well. That leaves the one I've been interested in a few times before and have always missed.
My SEM Toolbox
Several search marketers share a variety of tools and services they find useful in performing SEO and SEM.
I know Ken and Todd on that panel, and Bruce Clay is one of the bigger names in SEO. Add in to that bhartzer, I mean Bill Hartzer, who I know from WebProWorld and that's a session I would have liked to see. I guess I'll wait and see what the schedule is like in San Jose.

Now, for Shopping Search Tactics, I have a little less grief about missing the sessions. Search Engine Q&A on Links isn't too insightful as their lips are usually bound and gagged so no secrets get revealed. Branding and Search doesn't ever interest me much, but it was a decent session when I saw it last. The In House Forum has some interesting names on it, but they're dissimilar enough from our business that their answers probably woudn't sway me in any direction.

The only one I'll be somewhat disappointed about missing is Pimp My Site. Todd always looks funny in the purple pimp hat. Dax gets the style down a bit, adding in slang and such to make it very entertaining. Jennifer, Heather and Elizabeth also get into character well. I'm not exactly sure who Ronee is, but it looks like that may be someone who got a site pimped. Somewhat interesting stuff this confetti that's being pimped. ;-)

I'm very excited about this conference. There are a ton of good sessions, even if I can't see them all. I'll still get lots of good out of it, have some great networking opportunities, and (most importantly) have some time away from my normal routine. Thinking about server upgrades all day has me burnt out a bit. Time to get some content creation and SEO ideas again.


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