Insane bandwidth

Yesterday, as we were meeting with our local Sun VAR, he mentioned that some data pipes had been run into their area. He wasn't talking the normal data pipes that we hear about every day. No, not just a T-1. Not a DS-3. Not an OC-3 at 155Mbps. No, he was talking INSANE bandwidth.

Definition of Insane
My usual definition of insane is doing the same action over and over expecting different results. But that doesn't apply here. Perhaps X-Treme would fit better. This is like the X-Games of bandwidth. He was talking about OC-192's, which are 10Gbps each. But he wasn't talking about 1. Nor was he talking about 2. He was talking about 50. Yes, that makes 500Gbps. What could possibly require that type of bandwidth? Better yet, how can I attach a server at the end of those cable runs?

Just how big is this?
I'll leave you with a visualization of just how big of a data pipe I feel this is. I doubt it actually occupies all that much space physically, but in our virtual world size takes on new meanings which must be transposed into the physical world to fully comprehend. If a telephone line represents 56k, then my impression of this is as below.

Of course, I may be underestimating. I don't feel like doing the math to calculate the actual sizes involved.


David Donahue said…
According to,
it would take .8 seconds to transfer 1 GB of data. On a 56k telephone line, it would take 41 hours. I don't want to do the math either, but I got a hunch your pipe is too small.

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