Being called a RockStar... priceless

My ego got a boost at SES this time (not that it really needed that - ego's don't sell products) when I was called a "True SEO RockStar" by an SEO RockStar. It's rather nice getting noticed by some of the people in the industry, and really validates what I do on a daily basis.

Some other take-aways from SES so far.

There is a lot of money in domain brokering. I heard about a .net domain that a guy bought for $149k. He also has a domain that is related to our space that he scored that has had multiple offers that he's rejected thrown at him.

Podcasting isn't just for playing with any more. It's a real medium that even some nuts-and-bolt sellers are using to increase sales.

Very few online businesses can do $1M/month in sales. According to a source, even the's of the world fall short of that mark, making what I'm doing at ToolBarn even more impressive.

I guess what people have been saying for years is true - the Internet creates a level playing field where the small guys can compete with many of the big brands. It's just nice to hear some of those examples and be called a RockStar by someone I truly respect.


NeO1 said…
I've always said you were a Rock Star! But that is cool! WTG Brian! Now the trick is, don't party like a rock star or you'll forget everything you've learned there...


Cameron said…
Weak... I had someone tell me they just purchased a domain for over 2mil, all the paper work is signed and they'll be announcing it soon. It's a dot com though and not dot net.
Brian Mark said…
I found it interesting that this guy had paid that much for a dot net domain. All of the big deals I'd seen were dot com. That's what struck me as interesting about this particular purchase.

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