Text-Link-Ads - You've been found out!

Look out, Patrick Gavin and crew. Google is on to you. As you can see, my gmail has already alerted me that anyone buying links through text-link-ads will obviously be needing to file a re-inclusion request, so they included the link for convenience. That's awfully swell of them.

I guess I'll quit marketing and start filing re-inclusion requests now. They're on to this little game of yours. Matt Cutts finally figured out your scheme.

Yeah... right. And next you'll tell me MSN's results are totally SPAM-less. At least Google has a good enough sense of humor to make me laugh today.


Abhilash said…
Nice catch, Brian. That's pretty funny. I caught in my reader a recent post on Matt's blog where he published his analytics. "reinclusion" was a big search term for him (obviously), and I would be surprised if their reinclusion team isn't totally swamped with requests to process...

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