Linkbait... oh the possibilities

Every time I go to SES, I end up talking to Todd. Lately, I've also been talking with Rand, Ken (some guy), and Todd. What do the first two have in common that the second two don't seem to buy into as much?


Todd and Rand are two very good writers, and the linkbait they produce is second to none. Ken and the other Todd seem to use more traditional SEO methods, although they're not totally ignoring linkbait. Nor are they ignoring rankings.

I guess what it comes down to is this: Do you want to do linking strategies, or do you want to be creative and have links show up because of some (interesting / controversial / insightful) content? Either one takes work.

So what type of linkbait could we come up with for power tools? Something viral, like doing stupid things on video with power tools, would obviously attract some attention. Buying guides and hands on stuff seems to get minimal attention, although they do bring a few links if done well. I've got a couple ideas up my sleeve here... be on the lookout. But if anyone has a great linkbait idea they'd like to share, I'm all ears. I'm no Todd or Rand, so I don't have (or pretend to have) all the answers.


Joshua Dorkin said…
Why not do a videoblogging series on how to use different tools?
Brian Mark said…

It's not totally linkbait, but it should be somewhat viral if we do it well. That's already in our plans, if we can get an engaging script. That could also be incredibly boring if we do it wrong.

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