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Well, the Dave Pasternack SEO contest is almost over (thankfully), and there are lots of great ads. One even made it to the "Bonus" above the organic listings. These are some of my favorites, with links for my real favorite ads.

Houston We Got a Problem
Might Not be Rocket Science But
Don't Trust Your SEO to Amatuers

Nice one. Truly enjoyable.

For top rank on Dave's
name, it's anybody's game. For
Insurance & Loans, It's SureHits

Sure... and for Toilet Paper it's The New York Times. This one wasn't really a fav, but wasn't as bad as a few that didn't make the list.

A Pasternack Tale
Dave says PPC is the way to go, but
I can rank high with quality SEO.

No way... you can rank high without spending money? Well, isn't that what the whole point of this contest was? SEO's wanted to prove they could outrank Dave for his name... so where's your site in the list?

SEO Rocket Science Tools
SEO Tools Scientists drool over
All-in-one, Make SEO Easier Tools

I saw the paid review on wolf-howl, and it doesn't look too bad.

We Fell for Attack Hook
Hope the Links Were Worth the Hate
There are Easier Hooks - Learn Them

Very good ad, Todd. Interesting 404 at the URL listed, too. (I linked to the actual article in the ad above.)

Hungry Rocket Scientists?
I don't know SEO but I know my food
taste better than a foot in a mouth

Something tells me Boser might be behind this one. If so, very cool. If not, still very cool. I didn't see this one until I mentioned the ads to Oilman yesterday, which makes me even more suspicious that Boser's hand is in there.

SEO isn't Rocket Science
Dave Pasternack, Did-it President
says SEO is fundamental buy a shirt

Great idea. I'm gonna have to buy a 100 pack of the buttons for sure to take to SES. That would actually be quite funny. Almost as good as the white hat with white letters I got in San Jose... hidden text white hat... very ni-ice.

Passion of the Pasternack
Dave Pasternack makes Baby
Jesus cry. Repent, PPC Myopians.

Uhmm... repent ye who has a PPC ad on Dave's name. (Hypocrites)

Overall, it's been fun to watch, especially with the top site of a week ago doing a 301 to a different site just to make an ethics statement.

Disclaimer : No PPC budgets were harmed in the making of this post. I didn't click on an ad, so some ads may actually go to different spots on the sites listed above, but I didn't care to spend their money.


Dave Pasternack said…
Hope to see you at SES with the buttons.

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