Hearing the call

Jeremy Schoemaker put together a nice event for Nebraska, which I attended last night. Today I see he's already calling me out to speak at the next one.

If that's the case, I'll have some demands.

First, I want access to the presenters lounge. I think that's the restroom, but someone's gotta show me where that is anyway.

Secondly, I'm gonna need another link, but this time with the words power tools pointed at ToolBarn.com.

Third, I want a couple of questions to answer to get started. I've never actually been asked to speak on SEO, and I've got no idea what level the attendees are at, so it'll be much easier to speak if I have questions from the group. I'm sure a post on shoemoney.com would get a few responses that would help.

Oh, and #2 is optional.

The bottom line: I'd be delighted to speak to the group, Jeremy. And, not being like those MBL people, I'll even send you an email to let you know this.


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