Thanks, Hitwise

I was doing some work today and was trying to pull some stuff up, planning on side-by-side of us vs. our competitors in Hitwise. I got to the point of logging in on one screen, and got the following error message (you may need to click to read the larger image).

What happened? I was using Internet Explorer. Normally, I log in under FireFox. Since I've logged in on our CEO's PC during a meeting once, from our conference room during a few meetings and my own PC, I'm not allowed to log in on more machines. To top that off, IE and FF on the same machine is considered 2 machines as well.

Ok, so now what happens if I clear my cookies? Does that mean I won't be able to log in on my PC at all? Doesn't seem like a real friendly way to let me use the service we paid quite a bit for.

EDIT: After coming back later, I found that I can't log in via FireFox, either. I guess we paid for a service I can't use any more. Time to make a phone call.

RE-EDIT: The next morning, the account was unlocked without me asking. They monitored the web and saw my blog post, unlocked the account, and emailed me before I could even call them. It's very refreshing to see proactive customer service. I've been logged in and getting some great info out of it today for our newest site. So now I can truly say Thanks, Hitwise - no sarcasm this time.


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