I got a Porsche for Christmas

My dad got me a shiny new Porsche for Christmas. Actually, it was a 500GB L.A. Porsche designed hard drive from Lacie that he bought through Amazon. Faster for data access, but not so fast at getting me to work. Still, this is pretty sleek and shiny, and that's what matters when picking out your Porsche, right?

I guess I'll have to wait for the real Porsche for a while yet. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy my 500 gigs of external storage.

Maybe next year... hint, hint.


StatMan said…
Hint hint? My dad never gave me a Porsche, so why do you think your dad would give you one? Haven't you heard of family tradition? Tradition says I didn't get one, so neither do you. At least not before I get my own! Hint, hint.

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