Funny Kontera Ads

I was playing around with Kontera tonight, and decided to check a few pages to see what gets displayed. Let me tell you - some of these are funny.

Yes... I've always wanted a review of how nice it is to have herpes. Or maybe I haven't. How lovely.

Saving money. What is this, a discount in Vegas? Too weird.

Wow, I never realized that was an adult site. Here I thought they were shopping related. ;)


devtrench said…
I guess this is yet another reason why Kontera sucks? Or maybe the advertisers should know better :)
Brent said…
LOL. What kind of website are you running Brian? j/k

This reminds me of those weird eBay ads in Adwords.
ContentLink said…
Hi Brian,

My name is Vered and I'm from Kontera.

We are constantly working to improve relevancy between the served ads and the content in which they're featured. However, occasionally, the advertisers' bidding process, may regretfully result in ads like those featured on your post. I thank you for pointing these out to us, and helping us to prevent these keywords from being linked to specific advertisers.

Let me know if you're interested and I'll gladly have Kontera's Optimization Team review your sites and make some changes in ContentLink's settings to improve ad relevancy and your revenue potential.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any additional questions about Kontera's products and services. If you're interested in some optimization tips that can be performed on your end, please visit our Knowledgebase ( and our official Kontera Blog (

Thanks again,
Publisher Services Manager

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