Gear Friday: Guitar Cabinet Stands

Using a pair of 1x12 cabinets, the sound can get lost on stage. I wanted to point them more towards me, so I bought some stands.

These are sort of your typical stands. While quite functional, they take up a lot more space than what I really wanted not only on stage, but in my gear bag. In fact, they didn't really fit, so I ended up with a larger bag, and that just makes it harder to pack in my car.

That's when I came across these little gems. They are the Ultimate Support Amp-150 Genesis Amp Stands. That's a long name, but they're seriously cool. Not only do they have an adjustable angle (3 settings) for the cabinet, but they have a microphone stand attachment on top so you can use a boom arm to mic the cabinet properly without taking up more floor space in front of the cabinet. I don't know about you, but I've never come across a stage and said "If only I could put more stuff up here because there's so much room!" Nope, it's quite the opposite.

With the ways these fold up, I actually just grabbed a bag from a fold-up camping chair and I can put them both in there along with the boom stands. It also didn't hurt that I picked up the pair of them for a sweet deal at the local pawn shop.


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