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There are a couple of really cool reports that Google Analytics has available that most analytics packages ignore. They are the Geo Location Report and Geo Map Overlay.

Google Analytics / Marketing Optimization / Visitor Segment Performance / Geo Location
This report will show the top countries. From there, you can break it down to states (or providences or territories). From there, by city. Nothing earthshattering, but things started making sense to me during the USC vs. Texas game.

Sales have looked a little off since the game started. Normally, I'd say it's a Wednesday so there are a lot of people at church. However, tonight I can take a different view. Our top state just happens to normally be California, and our 3rd best is normally Texas. Take a bunch of those people out due to the game and traffic is suddenly down. By breaking it down by city under each state, things really start getting interesting.

Normally, we don't care that much what our top states are. However, when sporting events of the National Championship level are on, knowing who our visitors are can help explain traffic patterns seen during the big game.

Google Analytics / Marketing Optimization / Visitor Segment Performance / Geo Map Overlay
For those of you a bit more visual, the Geo Map Overlay shows your top geographic areas with dots over a map. It is much easier to see clustering that way (Matt's personal site gets more visitors from one specific area in Germany than anywhere else, so it makes us wonder about the word of mouth side of things going on over there.)

Raw data is more useful for me (Geo Location), but the map is sure pretty.


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