Google Analytics is Odd

As an analytics customer, what is the main thing that I want to find? Well, that's simple. I want to find the most common key phrases that people are finding my site for. However, that's one of the toughest things to find on Google Analytics. So where is it hiding?

The easiest way I've located the keywords is about 6 steps deep. I click on Marketing Optimization, then choose Visitor Segment Performance, then click on Referring Source. From there, you've got a new report to look at. You should see the organic search engines (and perhaps some others) listed in the report. Clicking on one of the double arrow icons will bring up a few options, one being Cross Segment Performance. Click on Cross Segment Performance, then you'll have a list of options, with one of them being Keywords. Clicking on that will show your top 10, with a drop down above the graph for choosing more at once.

How's that for intuitive?


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