Gmail Spam Filtering

I enjoy reading Jeremy's blog (Yahoo employee), so when he suggested using gmail for spam filtering, I laughed. Of course, Matt's blog is more up my alley most days, but a Yahoo employee saying he's using Google technology to filter his email is just priceless. So I spent part of today setting that up for myself.

I'm able to forward my email address to gmail, then have it forward anything that isn't spam back to me at a different account. And, since I use IMAP, I can drag and drop all of the email on my old account to the new one pretty easily. Of course, if I used POP I wouldn't have anything to drag and drop, but I also couldn't get my email form the road as easily, including history and sent items. It also works very well for our CSR's. Well, ever since we got Tim's mouse fixed. ;-)

In any event, the gmail spam filter is doing a great job for me so far. I can find the good stuff and haven't lost anything I needed yet. I'll have to keep tabs on how many it catches vs. not and how many get flagged that should not. I'll try to remember to post the results of my experiment back here, too. Maybe I'll even use the other 99 invites I have to filter the filtered stuff. LOL. Or, I could just ask for volunteers to accept one. Not that anyone that wants a gmail address doesn't already have a few.


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