Gear Friday : My Least Expensive Guitar

I've been asked a few times what's the least I've spent on a guitar. Well, it was one I got at a garage sale and spent a few hours cleaning up and setting action on. Here's the pic.

It's a Lyons LI15 by Washburn, so not exactly the highest quality thing I've ever put my hands on. But, it still plays well after a setup, has a fairly fast neck with reasonable action, large radius neck (much thinner than I expected), and it doesn't even look too bad. However, it's not anything that I'd really play on stage. If anything, I might consider it as something to leave at a practice space.

That said, for $10 original investment, it was worth buying. Heck, looking online at the moment they're selling used for $50 - $80, so if I sell it for $25 to some kid as a starter guitar he's getting a good deal and I'm more than doubling my money.

That said, I'd rather just find a kid that wants to play and hand it to them as an investment in their future as a rock-n-roll legend.

** UPDATE **

The following Monday from when I posted this, I found the 13 year old that needed this guitar. He asked his mother for an all black guitar to play because he was having to give up playing saxophone (his only real interest according to his mom) due to a genetic issue. He now has a Lyons guitar in his personal collection. I threw in an extra set of Super Slinks, a strap and a couple of picks from my former bands. I hope we hear about this amazing rocker on YouTube and in record stores across the country soon.


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