Guitar Wing - So Much Potential

It sounded awesome. Roam the stage or dance floor and switch patches with some wireless buttons on my guitar. However, so far that hasn't been the case.

I'm posting this image so I can review it to see what I might be doing wrong.

So to go into what I see as the potential, I'm not really one to stand still while playing guitar. I find cords limiting, so I've always opted for a decent wireless, but still feel bound by my pedalboard. Most of the songs simply need a simple patch change (clean to crunch or rhythm to lead, for example) and I don't need to do much else.

After seeing the guitar wing advertised, waiting for it to mature a bit, and finally spotting it on sale, I took the plunge and bought one. It seemed amazing... just enter in the CC commands to change patches and roam about free of constraint.

However, the design on the buttons for the most part is that of pressure sensitivity, which doesn't really work if you're trying to change to a specific patch. Before I gave up, I consulted the forums and was informed that a beta version of the software was available that allowed for "On" numbers to be set and to not send an "Off" signal. Perfect!

I downloaded the software, updated the firmware, and thought I'd be on my way. Changed the settings, saved them, and paired to my phone for bluetooth midi. I used their included WingFX app to set the MIDI output to be the iConnectMIDI cable that I connected to my phone and started playing around.


I installed an app called Web MIDI and could verify that it was seeing the signals coming in, but learned that the "output" wasn't really an output like their software suggested. So, the support forum recommended a few apps that work essentially as MIDI routers.

I looked at them all, and found only one that had a decent looking UI (also the most expensive, but still only $12.99), so I went ahead and bought it thinking my problems would be solved.


So, on to the next idea. I downloaded a USB Host program for my PC and paired to the dongle again, but it doesn't even show signals being received by the software when I push a button.

So far, all I'm seeing is potential and not realizing any actual capabilities. I'll keep updating as I progress here.


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