Pedalboard overview

My pedalboard catches a lot of attention when I play out. Here's how it's currently laid out.

As you might be able to tell, I use a pedaltrain pro. I like the lightweight aluminum frame, and the included carry bag wasn't bad at all. Power comes in on a single power strip which powers 3 adapters.

The center plug powers my main power supply which is mounted underneath. This powers everything except the two EHX boxes on the left.

Signal comes in through the wireless receiver on the top right, goes to my MXR noise clamp, into the first volume pedal which sends it on to the angelic choir, EXH C9 and EXH Key9. That all goes out to my keyboard send, usually a small amp with a pretty minimal configuration.

The trick part comes from the volume pedal, though. It has a tuner out that I send to the AIC wah and then to my guitar head. The head is controlled by the 4 button footswitch on the lower left, and then the effects loop sends signal back to the volume pedal and the clean boost.

As you can see, there are a couple of holes in the setup right now. I did have a Morpheus drop tune and a Morpheus capo in that section, but I'm not currently using them and they do require additional power bricks, so I'm hoping to leave them off for now. I do also need to figure out how to get one more power to my EHX Mel9 and get that added in to the mix yet, but for now, this is working quite well.

I'm hoping to do some video posts over the next few weeks of what each of those pedals actually does, although it's not like I really have much there that does guitar sounds. I'll probably mostly deal with the EXH pedals since those are the most asked about ones. Volume pedals only do so much. :)


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