Yes, I do really play on stage

Since I got asked, I guess I'll answer. Yes, I do play on stage. I'm currently in 3 bands, although 2 are still rehearsing material so we can start playing out. Here are a few pics from my last gig outside of church.

I'm not sure why I was eating a pick, but apparently this song was fingerpicking good.

Here's the full band during setup. I think the singer was talking to the guitar player and the drummer was getting his earplugs in, so it's a strange setting. It was a show that I filled in for Bad DC when their bass player was out of town and they were asked to open for Romantic Rebel. That was a fun show for sure, and the rebels certainly rocked the headlining slot.

This pic shows off my custom build. I'll make sure to talk about that guitar on a future post.

Here, I'm playing with an Ibanez that I customized.

What? I'm smiling? Must be a mistake.

I look like a zombie in that pic. Strange lighting effects.

Another Ibanez that I'll have to talk about at some point.

Singing with my eyes closed. I think that happens more than I realize.

Here's the whole band.

Another one with my eyes closed. I'm sure I open them sometimes.

Anyway, there's the evidence. I really do play live shows for those that were asking. I should have more to add on that shortly, but for now, this will have to do.


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